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Forthcoming Events
09 Dec at 1900
Knowledge and Nosh

19 Dec at 1300
Christmas Lunch

Club Open Days
Open Day 2022
Date to be announced

We have plans to hold an Open Day after restrictions are lifted. If you were thinking about coming down to visit us and would like to be kept informed about any changes to the date, please contact Val, our Membership Secretary membership© and she will add you to our Open Day mailing list.’

You are welcome to come down to the club any time that we have sailing on the programme and we will make every effort to give everyone a sail, but please remember that this may be dependent upon the weather.

You should also note that sailing is a watersport and if you would like to take a sail you should wear clothing that you do not mind getting damp and a waterproof top (this does not have to BE anything special). Bringing a change of clothes is always as good idea.

You will also need to wear flat shoes, such as trainers or a casual shoe with a non-slip sole.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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